Wasp Pest Control

When you see a wasp, what do you do? Most people run frantically and hope the wasp doesn’t put them on the list of things it wants to stab today.

Resistance is often futile, as one wasp will take comfort in knowing that his even more violent and more aggressive wasp brethren are lurking somewhere nearby. Wasps also have the power of flight, making them impervious to most human modes of attack. If you do decide to swat a wasp it is important that you succeed, because if you don’t the wasp is going to repeatedly sting/bite you.

Vast arrays of insects are technically wasps; including mud daubers, velvet ants, pollen wasps, and hornets.

Some wasps are considered solitary and build small homes out of mud. Others are more social, like ants, and build nests intended to house colonies. Some wasps just shack up in natural orifices where they build and augment armies of buzzing, razor-sharp instruments of war. It is important to note that wasps often mistake underneath your floor and the eave of your house as natural orifices.

Wasps will attack and sting humans when threatened, and sometimes even unprovoked, so it is important to get rid of wasp nests located and/in or around your home.