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Winter Pest Control Strategies

Pest Control In The Winter

Flying insects, like wasps and mosquitoes, are dormant during the winter. As a result, some homeowners adopt an out-of sight, out-of-mind mentality during cold weather. But even though there may be no insects buzzing around your head, they may still be invading your home. Crawling pests, like roaches, spiders, and rodents, look for warm places…

What Should I Do About Spiders in My House This Fall?

Wolf Spider Huntsville Alabama

Of all the pests which could be in your house or apartment this fall, spiders are perhaps the most embarrassing and unsettling ones. Bed bugs and roaches are high on this list as well. But spiders are a lot more common than these other two. Typically, spiders thrive in cluttered places. So, if these insects…