Spider Pest Control

The go-to scary insect for pretty much every horror movie ever, spiders have earned their global reputation for being absolutely terrifying. The sight of one walking about slowly on its eight spindly legs is enough to give grown men chills, and a brief glimpse of a hairy wolf spider scuttling through the kitchen is the stuff of so many nightmares.

Spiders are known for building unsightly webs made from spinnerets in their abdomens where they wait for unsuspecting prey to get trapped. Once a spider has acknowledged its catch it will proceed to wrap the doomed insect in webbing before commencing to devour its insides with its fangs. While this particular arachnid habit can actually serve to benefit humans by naturally eliminating some pests, it is decidedly creepy and spider webs never look good around the house. Also, humans have been known to accidentally break through spider webs using only their face.

While spiders are generally considered a nuisance pest, some spiders are venomous to humans and may pose a serious threat to young children and the elderly.