Winter Pest Control Strategies

Flying insects, like wasps and mosquitoes, are dormant during the winter. As a result, some homeowners adopt an out-of sight, out-of-mind mentality during cold weather. But even though there may be no insects buzzing around your head, they may still be invading your home.

Crawling pests, like roaches, spiders, and rodents, look for warm places to spend the winter months as well. Many times, that warm area is your house. These critters usually like the temperature to be around 50 degrees. So, your exterior walls are very inviting.

Common Winter Pests

Unwanted crawling creatures may try to enter your home at any time of year, but some of these critters are especially active in winter.

  • Mice: Tiny house mice are one of the most common, and most dangerous, winter pests. Mice typically nest in very secluded areas, so unless homeowners are vigilient, a serious infestation could develop right under their noses. Mice usually carry diseases and they also love chewing through electrical wiring.
  • Roaches: Somewhat similarly, German cockroaches, the most common type of roach in Alabama, spread disease and filth. Any food or moisture, like a dripping sink faucet or a carelessly-discarded candy wrapper, usually attracts them.

Honorable mention, or perhaps dishonorable mention, goes to rats and spiders.

Pest Control Tips

Winter is the best time of year to call a professional pest control technician. Sunlight, warmth, and moisture break down pesticides faster than anything else. Since these three things are all scarce during winter, the treatment usually lasts longer.

There are some do-it-yourself tips as well. Store firewood at least twenty feet from the house. Mice nest in firewood, and outdoor wood also attracts termites. Also, screen chimney vents and make sure their edges are flush against the sides of the chimney.

The same spring and summer tips apply in the winter as well. Seal all cracks and fissures with caulk on both the outside and inside. Insects do not need very much room, so even a hairline crack may invite them in. Also, make sure all the windows are screened and all the doors have airtight sweeps.

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