Top Five Signs of Commercial Pest Infestations

If pests of any kind invade your business, you need to take care of the problem quickly and discretely. By the time you actually see the rodents or bugs, they are usually firmly entrenched inside. Since these infestations are much harder to deal with, keep a sharp eye out for the early warning signs listed below.

Outdoor Plant Damage

Since pests usually come from the outside ot the inside, outdoor damage is one of the first signs of a potential infestation. Look for things like chewed or uneven leaves or grass. Large dead patches of grass may be an infestation warning sign as well. Rodents and beetles often create this kind of damage.

Physical Damage

Mice and rats are relentless chewers, especially around wiring. Tiny holes are another waning sign. A mouse can crawl through a hole the size of a dime. Look out for wood damage as well, as that is almost a sure sign of a termite infestation. The damage often starts with outdoor furniture, like tables and chairs.

Grease Marks

For most rodents, grease marks are like freeways. They usually follow the same path to the same place. Mice usually run along floors and floorboards; rats usually crawl on walls. If a pest control professional knows the type of pest, treatment is easier and faster.


Small piles of dirt or paper scraps do not appear randomly. They are nearly always insect or rodent nests. If pests build nests, that usually means they have run out of room underground, and therefore you may have a serious problem.


Feces are the classic sign of a pest infestation. Rodent droppings are usually easy to spot. Rodent urine typically leaves a pungent odor. Other types of waste may be harder to spot, especially from bed bugs and other small critters. Train your housekeeping and cleaning workers to look for pest droppings and report them to you immediately. Much of the other signs we’ve listed are circumstantial evidence of a pest infestation, but droppings are a major, major red flag. Count on A+ Pest Control to keep pests away from your customers.