Owens Cross Roads Pest Control

Owens Cross Roads Pest Control

Agriculture and the outdoors have been important parts of life in Owens Cross Roads since its founding around 1850. The town is nestled in the Flint River valley. Rugged hills and mountains, including Keel Mountain and Green Mountain, almost entirely ring the town.

Outdoor pests are often a serious problem in environments like this. Until recently, pest control usually meant spraying powerful poisons over large areas. Frequently, these chemicals were almost as hazardous to pets and people as to the pests they were supposed to control.

Thankfully, those days are over. Today, the professionals at A Plus Pest Control use a much more targeted approach. This approach always begins with a conversation. We talk to you, so we fully understand the nature of the problem. Next, we discuss treatment options with homeowners, carefully laying out the pros and cons of each approach. Finally, we get to work quickly, do our job, and leave.

If you are looking for a company with old-fashioned values like these, partner with us today. Our technicians are ready to serve residential and commercial properties throughout Madison County. Thanks to our experience and high-technology tools, we can handle almost any pest problem you face.

Residential Pest Control Services Owens Cross Roads

In most cases, pests come from the outside to the inside. So, regardless of the nature of the infestation, our professionals typically approach issues in this way. Do not be surprised if you tell the crew there are ants in the kitchen and they immediately walk out the door. Unless we address problems at the source, any solution will be inadequate.

Pests do not magically transport from the yard to your living room. Somewhere, there are probably several entry points. Small creatures, like ants and spiders, can pass through openings which are not much thicker than a credit card. We pay close attention to these entry points.

Because these openings are so small, it’s impossible to find them all. And, pests are relentless. If they believe there is food inside, they will probably find a way to get it. So, our professionals lay down an invisible protective barrier around your home. This chemical wall deters pests but does not harm pets or people.

In many cases, especially wasp or other such infestations, our work ends at this point. However, in cases like the aforementioned ants in the kitchen, the work continues. Following a familiar theme, we focus on key inside areas.  Give your Owens Cross Roads pest control professionals a call today!

Commercial Services in Owens Cross Roads, AL

We employ the same strategy for our commercial clients in and around Madison County. The main difference is that we usually put a premium on customizing it to your business.

Fleas and Ticks

Winters in Alabama are hardly ever cool enough to kill fleas, ticks, and other outdoor insects. Most years, it is only cold enough to force them into hibernation for very brief periods. Therefore, come spring and summer, these pests are incredibly active.

Many pests, such as spiders, are basically just annoying. But fleas and ticks are very dangerous to pets and people. Fleas make pets lethargic and prone to illness. And, many ticks carry dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and encephalitis.

Over the years, A Plus Pest Control technicians have developed a special chemical combination which suppresses the pest population but does not affect humans or animals. So, there’s no need to close off your backyard to your family.

The A Plus Pest Control Difference

Our professionals guarantee your total satisfaction. That does not just include the results. That also includes the methods we use. Basically, we are not happy until you are happy. Other pest control companies make big promises, but we keep our word.

There is no reason to tolerate a pest infestation. Reach out to us today, and we will work hard to ensure a pest-free future for your family or your business.

Our business is the winner of various awards including the Edmond Sun Award for 3 years in a row (2012-2014) and even the Angie’s List Service Award for 2012 & 2013. Only 5% if the businesses on Angie’s list even make the cut. We definitely stand by what we do for pest control in Owens Cross Roads AL. Call us now for your barrier against pests at 256-850-4423

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