Ant Pest Control

Members of the insect family formicidae, ants have been a consistent source of grief since the dawn of man. These pests work as a hive mind, rallying every single member of the species to work tirelessly towards one unified goal of constant assimilation and expansion. Ant colonies are commonly referred to as a superorganism, perhaps rightfully so, as they have already conquered most of the globe.

Like nature’s own supervillain, ants usually house themselves in sprawling underground lairs, but have been known to nest wherever they please. Walls, stumps, even the foundations of your house are prime locations for ant infestations. Lacking true cognitive complexity, ants are unaware of the dangers of hubris and greed. They will stop at nothing to ensure the success of their colonies, even if it means raiding your pantry, kitchen counter, garage, or family picnic.

Having already survived at least one mass extinction event, ants have a knack for survivability. When threatened an ant colony can pack up and relocate very quickly, making home remedies almost completely ineffective. If you are having an ant infestation moving in on your home, it is important to contact a professional.